Doma AHL - Alps hockey league ALPS HOCKEY LEAGUE Press conference Bled 2018

ALPS HOCKEY LEAGUE Press conference Bled 2018


The Alps Hockey League was founded in the spring of 2016, and is a joint venture between the Austrian Ice Hockey Association, the Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio as well as the Ice Hockey Federation of Slovenia. The three national governing bodies have stated that they are keen to ensure that the league is both of a high standard, and financially viable in the long term.[4]

In addition, the league has also stated that it is open to teams from other nations, including the Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovakia joining in the future.[5]

Regarding players, each team can sign a maximum four foreign born players. The AlpsHL operates a points based system similar to that of the EBEL, with each team having 16 points at their disposal.[6] As a result of this, the league aims to focus on the development of young players from the participating countries.[7]